Jet-fresh deliveries allow us to source conventionally and organically grown fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

USA Asparagus

March - June

This vibrant spring vegetable signals the change in season.

Californian Avocados

March - July

The Hass avocado is a California native.

Hawaiian Papayas

April - June

A delicious taste of the tropics from Hawaii.

New Zealand Persimmons

May - July

Full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and beneficial plant compounds.

USA Rainier Cherries

May - July

A golden yellow cherry with a distinctive red blush.

USA Long Stem Strawberries

May - June

The most beautiful, luxurious and popular berry in the world.

USA Blueberries

May - June

Prized for their premium quality, delicious flavour and consistency in size.

Australian Strawberries

July - August

The winter production is in season now.

Sugar Plums Prunes

July - August

Full of rich sweet flavours that deepen as the fruit ripens.

Australian Cara Cara Oranges

August - September

A regular orange exterior reveals a succulent pink interior full of complex citrus flavours.

Turkish Bursa Black Figs

August - October

This premium fig variety is known for its delicious plump sweetness.

Australian Asparagus

September - December

This vibrant spring vegetable signals the change in season.

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