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Australian Stonefruit

October - April

Summer stonefruit picked at their peak and air flown for optimal ripeness.

Australian Grapes

November - May

Jet fresh weekly deliveries mean fresher, sweeter and crunchier grapes.

USA Asparagus

February - April

This vibrant spring vegetable signals the change in season.

Californian Avocados

March - July

The Hass avocado is a California native.

Hawaiian Papayas

April - June

A delicious taste of the tropics from Hawaii.

New Zealand Persimmons

May - July

Full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and beneficial plant compounds.

Alaskan Black Cod

March - April

Also known as Sablefish, our long line Alaskan Black Cod has an exceptional rich and buttery taste.

Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce

March - April

Ready to use and made with real ingredients for an authentic barbecue flavor.

Organic Kombucha

April - May

Rich in probiotics and antioxidants, this new fizzy drink is healthy and delicious.

Salad Dressings

April - May

Convenient and versatile dressings for all your food service needs.

Israeli Couscous

April - May

Offer your dining clientele an alternative whole grain pasta.

Tortillas & Chips

April - May

Serve your customers high quality authentic Mexican tortilla and corn chip products.