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USA Grapes

July - August

Green, red and black grapes of the freshest and highest quality.

Mexico Kabocha Squash

July - August

Year round supply of a delicious winter squash.

Australian Strawberries

July - August

The winter production is in season now.

USA Cherries

July - August

The sweetest summer produce available now.

Sugar Plums

July - August

Full of rich sweet flavours that deepen as the fruit ripens.

Turkish Bursa Black Figs

July - October

This premium fig variety is known for its delicious plump sweetness.

Gourmet Meatballs

July - August

Perfectly seasoned pork and turkey meatballs.

Thomas' Original English Muffins

July - August

The #1 selling English muffin and favourite breakfast product in America.

Cream Cheese

July - August

A rich and smooth versatile product available in convenient food service sizes.

Fresh Baked Goods

July - August

Quality convenience bakery products designed for quick service and flexibility.

New York Style Pastrami

July - August

A New York City deli specialty.

USA Pacific Northwest Oysters

July - August

Jet-fresh delivery from water to table.