Whole Turkey

Whole Turkey

September - December

Mary's Whole Turkey Free Range Non-GMO (8 to 12 lbs)
Raised without antibiotics, animal by-products, preservatives or hormones, these turkeys have a diet of healthful grains and are allowed to roam in areas four times the size of the average commercial turkey ranch. The high protein diet provides the optimum amount of nutrients to produce a bigger and more flavourful turkey.

Mary's Whole Turkey Organic (8 to 12lbs)
These turkeys are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices. They have the freedom to move about and receive a premium diet of organic ingredients certified by the USDA:
• NO Animal By-Products
• NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
• NO Antibiotics Ever
• NO Pesticide Treated Grains
• NO Grains Grown with Chemical Fertilizers

Mary's Whole Turkey Heritage Air-Chilled (10 lbs)
With a traceable heritage, these turkeys have succulent, juicy and richly flavoured meat. They are naturally well proportioned compared to a standard commercial turkey, which means they have a larger quantity of delicious dark meat. Heritage turkeys can fly, breed naturally, roam in the fresh outdoor air and are fed a high protein diet:
• No Preservatives
• Fed a Non-GMO Vegetarian Diet
• Fed No Animal By-Products
• Fed No Antibiotics Ever
• Raised Without Added Hormones

Butterball Whole Turkey (10 to 12lbs)
Tender and juicy, Butterball Frozen Whole Turkeys are all natural, gluten free and raised without hormones on American farms, giving you the highest quality turkey for your holiday meal.

Butterball Whole Turkey Fully Cooked Baked (10 to 12 lbs)
A fully cooked, hassle-free baked turkey option that offers easy preparation, less mess and a shorter cooking time.

Butterball Whole Turkey Fully Cooked Smoked (10 to 12 lbs)
A fully cooked, hassle-free smoked turkey option that offers easy preparation, less mess and a shorter cooking time.


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