USA Pacific Northwest Oysters

USA Pacific Northwest Oysters

July - August

Our Pacific Northwest oysters are from Puget Sound in Washington State. The southern part of Puget Sound forms a major oyster producing region with many inlets and the oysters grown here thrive off the dense nutrient rich waters. The oysters are generally round in shape and deep cupped with well-formed hinges. They have a low-medium salinity with grassy notes and fruit flavours like melon and cucumber.

Weekly air shipments from the USA ensure jet-fresh live oysters from water to table. Arrives 2 dozen per bag. Inquire today about the different varieties available:

  • Barron Point - intertidally grown oyster on Barron Point beach in Little Skookum Inlet, mildly salty, plump and sweet.
  • Eagle Rock - intertidally grown oyster on Eagle Rock beach in Totten Inlet, mildly salty, plump and sweet.
  • Wild Cat Cove - located inside the mouth of Little Skookum Inlet, mild saltiness, full sweetness and fruity aftertaste.
  • Wolf Beach - western shore of Totten Inlet, a short distance north of Little Skookum Inlet, mildly salty, plump and sweet.
  • Skookum Inlet - grown in Little Skookum Inlet, very sweet with a mild fruity finish.
  • Totten Inlet - grown in Totten Inlet, mild in salinity, followed by a sweet finish with a hint of seaweed.