About us

Leading importer of quality food products into Hong Kong

Founded in 1969, we pride ourselves on being a full-service food distributor with complete inventory, multi-temperature storage facilities and logistics services. We concentrate primarily on fresh and frozen food products; selling a wide variety of meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, fresh produce, dry goods and confection. Our product list is well over 2000 items and we are proud to be the exclusive distributor for some of the best global brands in the food service industry and retail markets.

ETAK currently has over 500 active customers, including all the major supermarkets in Hong Kong and many prominent hotels, restaurants, clubs, caterers and other food service operators. We are also actively working on developing new markets in Macau and mainland China.

ETAK’s success over the years is due to its dedicated and professional staff, many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years. ETAK's sales and service driven teams offer complete logistics services and perform all marketing functions including research, sales, merchandising, promotion and advertising

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Our History

Founded in 1969

ETAK was founded by George Mendenhall to bring fresh and frozen food products from around the world to Hong Kong. In the beginning the company faced not only the difficulties in finding export-quality products, but also the challenges of then getting these same products to Hong Kong without compromising its quality or condition. Sea shipments during this era were infrequent and often took months to arrive and Kai Tak, Hong Kong’s international airport at the time, had very limited cargo service. So ETAK distinguished itself from other import companies by being the first to charter an all-cargo wide bodied DC-10 aircraft into Hong Kong.

Today, ETAK receives daily air shipments of fresh produce, seafood and other perishable items from around the world and weekly loads of refrigerated/dry sea containers from the United States and Australia. ETAK’s enduring history in Hong Kong includes the following list of “First” accomplishments:

First full load (85,000 lbs) of fresh produce from the United States by charter airplane into Hong Kong.

First ever all-cargo wide-bodied DC-10 aircraft into Hong Kong carrying over 115,000 lbs of fresh produce.

First to bring in grapes in lugs by refrigerated container to Hong Kong.

First container load of fresh USA eggs into Hong Kong.

First to introduce live Maine lobster, Cherrystone clams and Pacific oysters into Hong Kong.

First to bring in White Fir Christmas trees for the retail market to Hong Kong.

ETAK is the market leader for import and distribution of quality international food products in Hong Kong. We are proud to have introduced hundreds of new and exciting products to the Hong Kong consumer over the decades.