Product Highlights

Australian Stonefruit

October - April

Summer stonefruit picked at their peak and air flown for optimal ripeness.

Australian Grapes

November - May

Jet fresh weekly deliveries mean fresher, sweeter and crunchier grapes.

New Zealand Kiwiberries

February - March

A cousin of kiwifruit, these tiny berries are sweeter and packed with nutrition.

Gourmet Meatballs

February - March

Perfectly seasoned and fully cooked pork and turkey meatballs.

Alaskan Black Cod

March - April

Also known as Sablefish, our long line Alaskan Black Cod has an exceptional rich and buttery taste.

Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce

March - April

Ready to use and made with real ingredients for an authentic barbecue flavor.

Our Customers

They demand quality, consistency and sustainability. So we utilize our expertise and long standing relationships built with global food brands to source and supply the products they need.

Leading importer of high quality food from around the world

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Exclusive distributor for the best global brands in the food service industry

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Complete inventory, multi-temperature storage facilities and logistics services

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